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Defective Products/Services Scam Tips Received
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-04-09
Bratislava SLOVAKIA
Scammer Source was emailΤυπωμένο καπέλοEmail Attached [ Defective Products/Services ]
Τυπωμένο καπέλο Δείτε online τα προϊόντα και τις υπηρεσίες μας Καλέστε μας στο 238250 3708 Κάντε την παραγγελία σας μέσω e-mail στο , Like us on Αν δεν επιθυμείτε να λαμβάνετε τις ενημερώσεις μας, στείλτε mail στο Αυτό το email είν... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-12-04
Scammer Source was Working part time at home for Facebook. Pop up window when d/l a Torrents fileEmail Attached [ Defective Products/Services ]
Fraud web page claims Facebook is hiring employees to work part time on their pc at home. Mentions specific number of openings available that day in a specific location. To join, one must fill in a form available at Facebook Fortune to buy a kit at SGD 4.95. Info required are credit card details,cell phone, home and email address. Once credit card details are provided, transaction is posted to credit card company. The amount is much more - USD 157 and the merchant is HLPBODY.COM. Shortly after, an email fro... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-11-28
Scammer Source was url+1Rush Legal Services[ Defective Products/Services ]
DO not use this company! I hired Rush Legal Services to serve a tenant, they didnt. I hired a new company that served the tenant with no problems. I disputed the charges with rush legal services, the credit card company agreed and reversed the charges. Rush SUED ME- of course they didnt serve me so I had no idea about the suit. Now Rush Legal Services and Tony Bleck is threatening me and my family. You have been warned, if you use them, you will regret it. Dont make this be one of those I told you so m... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-11-23
Scammer Source was Laytrade professionalsEmail Attached [ Defective Products/Services ]
Told we would make money on this program, but no then we were told that we could buy into this other system that would keep us earning approx $2000.00 per week, the total amount changed every time we met it the required amount had now reached $250000.00 that we can't reach... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-11-21
Scammer Source was emailYour account on Wells Fargo has temporary been locked[ Defective Products/Services ]
Your WeIIs Fargo account is temporary locked! To avoid suspension of your account please complete this process CLICK HERE Thanks for using WeIIs Fargo WeIIs Fargo Corporation. All rights reserved. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-11-16
Scammer Source was +1Like an ambulance chaser, Tony Baik peruses court websites for pending case info., which is how he found my case and called me. Email Attached [ Defective Products/Services ]
When he called offering to provide a service, he made me think he worked from a legitimate office affiliated with the courts. After obtaining my credit card number he added unauthorized charges, and neglected to perform any service or even communicate as needed. After I reversed credit card charges for no services performed, no contract, and no work product rendered Baik stacked the deck to further injure me and sue me in small claims court. He was awarded almost three times the original amount, and was pa... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-10-27
Scammer Source was emailemail offering professional email marketing listsEmail Attached [ Defective Products/Services ]
The company sales rep cold call emailed my company indicating that they have email marketing lists which are up to date and opted in for specific industries. Payment must be made direct to bank account or by cheque. When the payment is received eventually we received an excel spreadsheet with the correct number of listings. When we emailed that list we found that 5000 of the addresses bounced and of the rest, it was clear that some of them were from a different and unrelated industry. The company then asks ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Kirsty Pope
at 2014-10-08
Scammer Source was urlLost my business, thanks to AXIS Capital Group, Singapore![ Defective Products/Services - Craigslist ( ]
I am writing this to make you all knowledgeable of so many complaints I have against this company. In June 2013, I purchased a new Caterpillar 312cl excavator from Axis Capital Group, Singapore for 82000 plus VAT and interest on the finance. The computer went in the machine. The side door fell off it; the starter went in it; the batteries went in it; the track adjusters went in it; the ignition went in it; the alternator went in it; all within a year of purchasing it. Axis refused to fix the machine. It was... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Mireille
at 2014-09-12
Philadelphia, PA USA
Scammer Source was Fraud setting up a business in Hong Kong[ Defective Products/Services ]
I have asked Mr Raymond Chan to help me to set up my new business in Hong Kong and, of course to open a business bank account The answer was "yes". I flew all the way from France to Hong Kong No problem to set up the business, it costs more or less 25 000 H.K. dollars, it is done in 1 day. It is only then and there ( in Hong Kong, not when I was in France where I live), that Mr Chan told me that it is almost impossible to open the bank account. You can provide tons of documents , they always find a ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-07-31
Scammer Source was +1af services[ Defective Products/Services ]
they sold me align trading software that i no now is a rename of sports arbitrage schemes it is a scam they are just lying scumbags people i talked to steve mccgarth john davies matthew bolton marie brown chad winters all lying scumbags... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2014-07-30
Kansas City, MO USA
Scammer Source was urlFake BusinessEmail Attached [ Defective Products/Services - Craigslist ( ]
Scammer represents he has a variety of weight loss supplements, OTC drugs, and herbal supplements for reasonable but not extreme prices. The scammer has many details worked out. He will present fake shipping documents from satisfied customers when asked. The scammer has setup a fake website to resemble a real shipping tracking site that will show the delivery going to your address. Then using another fake email address will claim the package has been lost/confiscated/destroyed/undeliverable. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Vince McRipoof
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Scam set up to defraud people[ Defective Products/Services ]
Kryptos rewards is a total scam set up by professional criminals and will scam people as they have done previously. Ask them who set this scam up - I believe he is back in jail for fraud or some other scamming offence. Kryptos is part of Pacific International Gaming Limited which has LOST 6 million dollars of their own clients money (REALLY) They are based in Vanuatu so expect no help from Australian courts they couldn't care less. PIGL also runs VIPBET and Platinum Odds - wouldn't touch them with a barge p... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Vince McRipoof
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Scam company set up in Vanuatu defrauding people[ Defective Products/Services ]
Check out PIGL scam on google. Check out Pacific International Gaming Limited on Google. Check out Pacific Island Gaming International on Google. Check out Phoenix Global PIGL on Google. Check out Vince McDonald pigl on google. Steer clear of this company run by scam artists and continuing to scam. VIPBET, Platinum Odds and disgraceful Kryptos gaming - all a scam. Check out Kryptos Gaming MLM - they are setting up an MLM scam with the help of MT and GC. Ask Vince McDonald why criminals are involved in his... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Arnie Featherpig
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Company that is involved and protects scams[ Defective Products/Services ]
Phoenix Global is a disgraceful company that has made its money out of scams run from the Gold Coast. They have taken money from or protected people who have taken money from pensioners, single mothers and dying patients to pay for their greedy life style. Phoenix Global is the most disraceful company in Australia and has caused a massive amount of harm and damage to innocent people. Anyone who works for Phoenix Global must have no scruples, morals or have any idea of what is right in society. Mick feathers... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Bill Featherthief
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Company supporting and involved with many scams[ Defective Products/Services ]
Phoenix Global of 290 ferry road Southport is involved in and supports many scams originating from the Gold Coast. The owner Mick Featherstone is an ex fraud squad detective who move to the dark side and has been involve in and supported many disgraceful scams from the Gold Coast. Currently Phoenix Global and Mick featherstone are under investigation for a 6 million dollar scam involving disgraceful company Pacific international gaming Limited. Phoenix was also reportedly involved in the 15 million dollar s... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Bill Featherthief
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Disgraceful vanuatu company scamming australians[ Defective Products/Services ]
Disgraceful vanuatu company involved in losing (SURE) over 6 million dollars of their own clients money. PIGL owns and runs VIPBET, Platinum Odds and Kryptos Gaming. Kryptos Gaming is currently setting up a MLM scam run by con men and criminals. Do not deal with any of these companies they are run by con men and criminals. Phoenix Global of Southport Gold Coast is once again heavily involved in the scam. They are also a disgraceful company that has made millions by destroying innocent peoples lives. Vanuatu... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Bill Featherthief
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Company set up to defraud the public[ Defective Products/Services ]
VIPBET or vip bet is part of the pacific international gaming limited a disgraceful company set up in Vanuatu. PIGL is involved and being investigated for a 6 million dollar scam involving the loss (SURE) of over 6 million dollars of their own clients money. PIGL is run by Vince McDonald with Phoenix Global (Mick Featherstone) a major shareholder. Do not deal with these people - you have been warned. Platinum Odds and Kryptos gaming are part of PIGL and should be avoided at all costs. they are all based in ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Mick Feathershit
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Arbitrage trading scam[ Defective Products/Services ]
Alignment trading is just Arbitrage trading and is a complete scam. AF Services tries to sell Alignment trading as a new invention. The only new invention is AF Services - a scam company set up to rip people off. Go to their office - bet no one is there except a receptionist. Ask to meet them - bet they don't want to meet you. They are scammers and criminals... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Mick Feathershit
at 2014-07-18
Scammer Source was Scam company selling alignment trading software that does not work[ Defective Products/Services ]
AF Serices of Adelaide are a scam company sellin arbitrage trading software as if they just invented it. IT IS A SCAM. Go to the ACCC website and check out arbitrage trading scams - AF Services to a tee. They work out of a fake virtual office in Adelaide - they are not there, they are hiding because they are scam artists and con men. Do not deal with these scum.... ⇒ more ...
Reported by JimBunting
at 2014-07-14
Scammer Source was Massive scam run from vanuatu[ Defective Products/Services ]
Pacific Island gaming international is under investigation for a massive fraud against there own clients. PIGL is run by Vince McDonald a known liar and con man. major shareholders in PIGL are disgraceful company Phoenix Global which has been involved in many scams on the Gold Coast. These guys also run Platinum Odds, Kryptos gaming and many more companies from vanuatu. Vanuatu is fast becoming the scamming capitol of the world. Do not deal with any companies from vanuatu - they pay bribes to be allowed to ... ⇒ more ...
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