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Dating Scam Scam Tips Received
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-08-28
Scammer Source was url ZHUANG YAN - wechat ID W1332241 Zhejiang HangzhouEmail Attached [ Dating Scam - Other Payment Site ]
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-08-20
Reston, VA USA
Scammer Source was url dating scam for money[ Dating Scam ]
Sgt Henry Hill is at it again. I met him on a gay dating website called Silverdaddies. Claimed to be home based at Ft Drum, NY but stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Had been chatting with him since March, 2015. He claimed he was trying to get a special appointment with the UN so he could get out of the service sooner. Last week he was moved to Warsaw Poland on an 8 week assignment and then he would be home. He was in love with me. He lost his partner to lung cancer and was looking for a partner. He started a... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-07-11
Scammer Source was url online dating scam- took away your heart and money[ Dating Scam ]
I want people to be aware of the online dating scammer since I 've been a victim. He is registered under some dating sites, and is currently active in "". His profile I encountered was a scam (single w/no kid). I found out not long ago,that he was "separated w/kid" when he approached to me. He acks as if falling in love very quickly in a couple of days and very successful in his career. Then once he establishes a relationship, he asks for money when he gets a chance. I was scammed by his ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-07-05
Scammer Source was url He emailed me on OK Cupid Email Attached [ Dating Scam - Yahoo ]
He message on OK Cupid. He sends messages about him and his family. Ask for my yahoo email and he sends me messages in there. He also ask for my phone number and home address. What if he sends some packages and ask for me? What do I do?... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-26
Scammer Source was url Contacted through dating service and is asking for meeting. So I checked out his name on website and discovered he has scammed o[ Dating Scam - Other Classified Ads Site ]
I discovered who he is before he has actually scammed me. Been in contact with me via emails, texts, phone calls for past 2 weeks but so far no requests for money. He answered my profile on Chemstry website. Sounded interesting but some things did not click. Sent lovely photos of sons in Sweden with him. I have since broken all contact and will change email address and cell phone#. I will be alerting Chemistry and withdrawing my subscription. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-24
Scammer Source was email dating scam[ Dating Scam - Other Classified Ads Site ]
traps you into been a christian and lost parents then goes for trip to get stock from Nigeria and gets stuck with customs bill then loves you so much after you have paid it wanting more money to come home to you ends up in hospital needs more money ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-21
Scammer Source was email+1 I continue to track him .....Email Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Romance Scammer. He builds your confidence and your love when he knows there is no one else when members in your family are near death. He signs a loan with you and his attorney and then pretends to fly to your location. He makes you sit at the airport on Christmas Day and stands you up. The entire incident was crushing and left me hating men after a divorce, the death of my dear friend and mother. The lack of regard for life and pure greed is overwhelming to me. There is a special place in hell for this pe... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-21
Scammer Source was url retired cardiothoracic surgeon...never really know where he's e-mailing from. one site said New Brunswick. he states " im a Swed[ Dating Scam - Other Classified Ads Site ]
He was trying to be very authentic but mixed up information during different e-mails to me. He's looking for money.... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-21
Scammer Source was Sydow A. Henrik[ Dating Scam - Google Checkout ]
... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-20
Scammer Source was social Nigerian man contacts women via his fb page. His profile uses photos that are not him. Profile says he is a Detective Constable [ Dating Scam ]
You are approached on fb to ask you to be his fb friend. When you accept he sends you instant messages through fb using love letters he gets from templates on the internet. His fb page has photos of himself, supposed to be a white man, some holding a rifle, and another where "he" is in the water with a dolphin. He convinces you that you are the love of his life and tells you many lies which build confidence in you for him. He pretends that he is a detective constable with the London Police Department, and... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-16
Scammer Source was url ROMANCE SCAMMER ALERTEmail Attached [ Dating Scam - Yahoo ]
This lady is a professional scammer. Emailed from The pictures she is using is Lane Brooke off of some porn site. Her real Name is Selena Kay Eddington 1423 Price Dr. Morristown,TN 37813. BEWARE -------- ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-12
Washington, DC USA
Scammer Source was url Internet Dating scamEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
- 50year old male engineer who travels frequently for his job; says he is looking to meet women between the ages of 50-55 who are OK with him traveling for 1-2 months on his job; he's very charming when you speak to him, has a slight accent & heats up the romance quickly by text or phone indicating you are so beautiful in your pictures; he requests more pictures, probably with less and less clothing; he shares equally his pictures, clothed or unclothed by text or through his website; calls or texts at all h... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-11
Scammer Source was url+1 Adding to Sydow Adolfos Henrik. aka Robert Jay Standerfer[ Dating Scam ]
He also used 27(71)2263800. There really is a Dr Standerfer who lives and practices in Phoenix. He is an innocent who has had identity stolen. This guy operated exactly as described for that Sydow person but unfortunately I did fall for his line for a substantial amount of money. He had an associate by the name of Marvin. His phone number is 27(63)0140344. I managed to get a pic of his Swedish passport. The Swedish embassy confirmed that it was an invalid one. The same basic story. Widower, two sons, re... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-01
Scammer Source was social Scammer on Facebook under the name of Stephanie Bouabre (Live at Ivory Cost - Cote d'Ivoire - Abidjan)Email Attached [ Dating Scam - Yahoo ]
She sent friend request to men and try to open a relationship with them. Once a man see her pretty face, the man start asking question, become friend and try a relationship, she is very patient. She takes time to explain a bunch of craps like her father's name is Georges Bouabre one of the closest friend of the ex-president of Ivory Cost (Laurent Gbagbo). She will tell you that she is in danger at Ivory Cost cause of political persecution, she needs money to leave the country to go in Switzerland at Fribour... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-06-01
Scammer Source was url Dating Site SCAM -- Sydow Adolfus Henrik[ Dating Scam ]
I was contacted by this person from He requested that I contact him @ his private e-mail, said he was closing his acct on Represented himself as a 62 yo widowed, retired CardioThoracic surgeon, Swedish-American who now designs standards hospitals & medical centers. He vigorously pursued relationship for 6wks -- we never met, but spoke on phone & texted, as well as email communication, with pictures. He wrote long, fairly well written e-mails, comparable to his "profession"... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-28
Irvine, CA USA
Scammer Source was email Dating scam on MingleEmail Attached [ Dating Scam - Yahoo ]
Person on Mingle dating site uses the screen name Sherry White. Individual then informs me her real name is Courtney Davis. After a few well written emails, the individual then tells me she needs my assistance with her internet bill. She needs $720. Individual will not let me pay the internet company directly;says it must be done on a reloadit card. After I delay that request, she wants me to deposit cash into her "friend's" bank account at Regions bank. Account # 0218260705. Account name Gayla J Ha... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-20
Manchester UK
Scammer Source was social Romance ScamsEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
This person is a scammer who has already well over 50 Fake profiles on facebook and other social media websites. He has always lost his wife and is working on contracts like oil rigs , geologist but always on jobs that require him to travel - that is the only way his plan works. Then while he is on business he will always encounter some problem and require money but because he is not in his country will not be able to access his money so will ask you to help him and promise topay you back. All the paperwor... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-19
Denver, CO USA
Scammer Source was url Untitled Dating Scam, #23137[ Dating Scam ]
She says that her membership is about to expire and asks to chat via yahoo IM under VanessaCole232 and that she goes by Jammie, then says she works as a volunteer for an organization in Africa helping children, the picture on her profile says she's 39, blonde and of course very attractive, the fact that she was trying to communicate outside the website raised a red flag and as soon as she said that she was currently working out of the country made me suspicious and decided to look her up online, that's when... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-19
Manchester UK
Scammer Source was social Military Dating ScamEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Person goes as Roy Grant on facebook and other social media - claims to be a captain in the US Army and requesting money from people to release his packages - the reason for money differs but the MO is always the same he will always want you to help him with money. His other FAKE profiles include Jones Matter, David Wilson, Gary Budner, the list is endless and you will only know him by his Method. ⇒ more ...
Reported by Lydia
at 2015-05-18
Scammer Source was email ortopeadic surgeon in Baghdad[ Dating Scam ]
This "Doctor" Alberto Rosa contacted me on a chat site...said he is from Rome, has a daughter in bording school, and is currently working with the UN in Baghdad as a Ortopeadic Surgeon. He wants to get very close to me and have a strong love bond before he comes visiting me...I googled him and came across a few profiles of him and all the photos are the same, and the information is the same, but his name always changes. His IP adress is from South-Africa and not Baghdad. I read a few articals about a charmi... ⇒ more ...
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