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Dating Scam Scam Tips Received
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-04-08
Scammer Source was emailMiltary dating scam[ Dating Scam ]
Donald Field 38 years. icupid Site Donaldt_taco. Says he lives in Oslo/Norway when not in Syria. Working for DynCorp International. From Slovenia. Only child. Mother lives in New York and he studied at Columbus university Technology engineering. Working in Syria reporting arms and ammunition in Syria. SPC. Studied in New York. 10 years military experience American army now a private contractor with DynCorp. Wanted me to fill out forms for a satellite phone very official. Might be a cost invol... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-04-07
Scammer Source was urlDating[ Dating Scam ]
Casual chatting then romance and finally money.... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-04-04
Scammer Source was socialRomance Money Scam[ Dating Scam ]
He will add you on facebook, starts off as friends, call you on your phone everyday even if you are overseas from a UK number, he has a great sense of humour, speaks very good and writes very good English, tells you he is a international civil engineer from the UK, widowed with a 7 year old son which he will be sending or is in boarding school, called Jason. He will say all the sweet things to sweep you off your feet, show you he cares and loves you with his words and may be even the promise to bring you ba... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-03-24
Scammer Source was urlEmail Scam[ Dating Scam ]
He just emailed me...... ⇒ more ...
Reported by ANONYMOUS
at 2015-03-23
Scammer Source was urlok cupid ( Hams Jefferson ) [ Dating Scam ]
Hams Jefferson owns his own construction company and he is a Architectural Engineer. He sends lovely emails and tells you he loves you even after only a few days. PLEASE LADIES!!! DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP !!!! Hams Jefferson will ask you for your complete name, home or office address, telephone number and he will say that he will send you gifts from Paris France as he is on vacation and business. In the end, someone from a courier company will ask you to pay taxes and charges etc and send it thru We... ⇒ more ...
Reported by ANONYMOUS
at 2015-03-21
Scammer Source was urlok cupid[ Dating Scam ]
Larry Voss said he is a part of the UN ISAF special unit and is now redeployed somewhere in africa (he said he cannot say specifically where). He first stopped communicating with me after 3 days of chatting then he reappeared and sent me a email saying that when he was on the plane to be deployed to Africa that the only thing he thought of was me and that he is sorry for disappearing and the reason was that he was sent for debriefing and that there were no communication allowed and now that they are still ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by ANONYMOUS
at 2015-03-21
Scammer Source was urlok cupid ( James Lewis / Lewis Johnston[ Dating Scam ]
I met James Lewis / Lewis Johnston on ok cupid website. Claims to be irish and working for a shipping line as Director of operations. To make the long story short. He claim to be sailing from U.S. to Australia and the brain of the engine of the ship is faulty and he has $250,000 dollars in the cabin safe box. He is afraid that pirates from cambodia is near them and they got report that they are close. He asks me to help him keep the money safe, he will send the money to me thru security delivery compa... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Dee Hanes
at 2015-03-18
Scammer Source was emailOn line datingEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Met on a dating website. He instantly had to go to work in Europe. Once he got there he had troubles with his job and needed money to get his materials out of hawk. Then he had to go to the hospital then the bank would not release his money unless he paid taxes then he paid taxes and the taxes and immigration would not let him through. Then he was deported back to the UK once he was allowed to fly out. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-03-15
Bedminster, NJ USA
Scammer Source was urlmilitary romance scam[ Dating Scam ]
He romances women for months on end. Then he wants money. Women feel so adored by this and that they fall for it. He talks about marriage. He says he lost his wife to cervical cancer and has a nanny on the military base taking care of his kids. He lost his parents as well. He has no one. I caught him making a mistake on his middle name. First it was Jordan... Then it was James. He says his last name is Carson. He has lots of pics to share that unfortunately belong to someone else. He wanted me to send a pho... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-03-13
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK
Scammer Source was socialRomance ScamsEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Scammer goes under fraud name of Howard Nadler - he is always working in oil/petroleum industry because that way he can work away from home. He has at least 30 different profiles around facebook and other social media websites - the only consistency is the method. After a while he will proclaim his love foryou but at some point in your relationship he will require money - either to fix machines, pay money to family, pay hospital bills because he is always sick. Using different phone numbers ranging from Sou... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-03-11
Vallejo, CA USA
Scammer Source was social+1eharmony[ Dating Scam ]
Neil advertised himself as Mark Jones on E Harmony's website and after making a connection with me said he was so 'in love' with me he took down his profile. Now I know it was because it was bogus. He sent daily texts and emails of devotion, love and appreciation. He said he was an only child with no living mom or dad and one dauthter who lived in Texas. He said he lived in Marysville Washington. After a month he told me he was going to Malaysia to 'claim his inheritance" and then would come to Cincinnati... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-03-01
Scammer Source was urlPreys on dating site members,, goes by Jaime and Jamie Martin - asks for money to pay for his Email Attached [ Dating Scam ]
met on, which he dropped immediately after messaging me there. He spoke with a British accent, not sure if it was real or not, and moved real fast to being uber personal, lots of romantic stuff, love betrothal and finally a story about his mother needing surgery in New Brunswick Canada, and needing some money from me to ensure her recovery was successful. Found today that his number had these complaints. An email he is using is and gets you to link up with him on Yahoo Me... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-02-28
Atlanta, GA USA
Scammer Source was email+1dating scam on zoosk[ Dating Scam ]
He is an excellent talker...has won a big contract but needs to pay for all things related and needs money. Quickly wants a relationship. Smooth talker. Says he is in Scotland..his off shore account has problems. Says he is coming back to Maryland but doesn't. Has a little girl 9yrs. Old named Melita...her mom died when she was 4. He has no family..only friends but business partners. Has contract he emails...has Constructline award he shows..looking for someone that will love him and his daughter... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-02-26
Scammer Source was emailAttempted overpayment scam using Arbonne consultant locaterEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Scammer requested an Arbonne consultant and was referred to me, then requested to place an order. However, after being provided the total, she "accidentally" sent me an overpayment of $2,000, and requested that I send her the different via moneygram once the funds were released by my bank. This is a scam where, as soon as you send the money, the check will mysteriously bounce, even after your bank has released the funds. Luckily, I figured out quickly that this was a scam and I did not send any money. D... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-02-19
Grand Prairie, TX USA
Scammer Source was urlUntitled Dating Scam, #22628[ Dating Scam ]
Met on Christian Mingle. Said he "found me" and he got off the site. I followed suit a few days afterwards. He loved me from the 3rd day...just before we were scheduled to meet face to face he was called out of town on business to Spain. He claimed to be an environmental scientist of German decent. He had a thick accent and spoke broken English. I have saved e-mails and photos that were sent. His first phone number went silent and he claimed to be using a friend's phone until he came home. He promis... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-02-07
Scammer Source was emailHello from AniaEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Dear I came across your profile today in facebook, I knew there was something inside of you something i thought i will never find.. Love..allow me to introduce my self am Miss Ania Johi ..Am new on here and am single and looking for something serious if you find me interesting you can write me back. cheers Ania... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Almost Scammed
at 2015-01-29
State College, PA USA
Scammer Source was emailokcupid scamEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
Scammer's claims: * Finnish orphan who got a scholarship to Harvard * Construction engineer who works internationally * Awarded contract by United Nations for a project in Nigeria * Phone lost, wallet stolen, so needs victim to help him get money from his account and wire it to him... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-01-29
Scammer Source was urlScam on Meetic - UK Chemical Engineer on Hong Kong Oil Platform[ Dating Scam ]
Robert Costas contacted me on Meetic and very soon asked me to go away from that meeting site and chat with him on Hangouts. His profile: UK, living in London, divorced (his wife cheated on him with his best friend), a 13 year old daughter, runs his own company busy with oil industry. He travels a lot and is currently on an oil platform in Hong Kong where he is now stuck because one of his machines broke and he had to invest to rent a new one. So now he has no money and looking for "investors"... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-01-16
Beaverton, OR USA
Scammer Source was email+1Romance and Beneficiary of FundEmail Attached [ Dating Scam ]
I lost a large sum of money to this scammer because he led me to believe we were going to get marry and start a new life when he get back from South Africa. He claimed he is looking for his last love and after this contract in South Africa he wants to settle down. He alienated me to not share any information with anyone including family members. And that we must have trust or a relationship can not survive. All of his emails professes his undying love for me and he is a really romantic guy in his letter... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-01-06
Scammer Source was socialUntitled Dating Scam, #22200[ Dating Scam ]
Charles claimed to be stuck in Malaysia and wanted money to pay for immigration fees! He used my credit card info and had someone place money on my card, and asked me to send it to him, then the payment was retracted! Now I am left carrying the balance!... ⇒ more ...
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