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Zoosk.comEmail Attached
Generic/Unspecified Scam

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Name Tom Hernandez Captain USMC More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details Was mentally entertained by someone pictures and all using a USCM identity. So it sounded beautiful but for someone at my age wanting not to be alone I swallowed all Hell given for a lie and loss of $6,000 dollars through fake checks to my bank and loans that said was measly? luckily I have all and any means of proof that's a card enough to keep me out of jail?
Scam Email
We met on personals point was that one minute he was in Afghanistan then kidnapped into Nigeria Lagos, after 1months chat. He needed money to get back to the states and to pay of his debt. of internet usage and to be able to retrieve his passport have emails, names, addresses, pictures of the supposed Marine, that are probably enough to right a book on..
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