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Jean-Guy Poudrier
Distribution Claim Allowance DAP 5944 Coral Ridge Dr #159 coral springs fl 33076 usa
Lottery Scam

Scammer Source was
Scammer Information
NameJean-Guy Poudrier More Like This
Email More Like This
Telephone8197823740 More Like This
Scam Details Data File:1099-A Distribution ID:80012017027 TAG:10487-0025
DAP 5944 Coral Ridge Dr #159 coral springs fl 33076 usa Certifyng Right to claim $1,750,233,99 We at DAP are very happy on this day to bring Jean-Guy Poudrier this great news.It is our company mission to bring people valuable assets throught quality research and today is a day to see the fruit of our labors.We wish you the best in yout bright future DAP Directot X.......signature Response Mandated *Postmarked no later than 10 days. Complete Delivery Request Portion Now.
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