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Freelance Writing Scam - OMG Association/Oxbridge Media Project
Job Scam

Scammer Source was url
Scammer Information
NameLynn More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details OMG Association, also known as Oxbridge Media Project, solicited a few articles from me. Our contract specified that I would be paid within 10 days after my work was completed. I submitted it to them well in advance of the scheduled deadline in all cases.
After receiving my work, they notified me that they recieved it in both cases. They also notified me that at least 3 articles passed their review and I was waiting on word on the next 3 when they went quiet. Well over a month later, I have not heard anything back, despite repeated attempts to contact them.
They now owe me well over $100 and don't seem interested in paying. They may appear very convincing in their scam (I hate to call it that, but it is what it is) - leading other writers to be fooled. This wasn't the usual scam that was easy to spot.
They say they are based in Ontario, California and person that may contact you is named Lynn.
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