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Your posting is being blocked (Blocking Log Entry 3068403)
Identity Theft

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information More Like This
Scam Website/httpwww.craigslist.orgabouthelpsystem-status.html.html More Like This
Scam Details Here is what it reads:
"Your posting is being blocked (Blocking Log Entry 3068403):
Common reasons include:
Essentially the same item has been posted to multiple cities or categories, or more than once in 48 hours Post contains a link or URL to a commercial website or auction Personal ad appears to contain a phone #, email address, or URL
To avoid deletion of your Craigslist account please Sign In :
Confirm your Craigslist account.
Many other possible reasons for blocking are listed in the Conduct section of our Terms of Use"
If you have reviewed our Terms and believe you have not violated them, please file a report and we will review this block for possible removal.
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