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Kerry Baker
NACHA security nitification
Identity Theft

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NameNot specified More Like This
Email Addressaccount manager More Like This
Scam WebsiteN/A More Like This
TelephoneN/A More Like This
FaxN/A More Like This
Scam Details This email is received which has what appears to be a zip file attached.
Dear Valued Client,
We strongly believe that your account may have been compromised. Due to this, we cancelled the last ACH transactions:
initiated from your bank account by you or any other person, who might have access to your account.
Detailed report on initiated transactions and reasons for cancellation can be found in the attachment.
If you search for NACHA on the Internet there is a web page that warns about a phishing scam and suggests don't open the zip file. They ask for all such emails to be forwarded to them at;
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