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Biker Bob
DAP Distribution Claim Allowance
Nigerian/419 Scam

Scammer Source was post
Scammer Information
NameDAP 7154 N University Dr #66 Tamarac FL 333212916 More Like This
Details of Scam Report
Send $30.00 CAD to claim $7,750,233.99
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2012-06-18: Followup Information Added By dapi From Mount Laurel, NJ USA 
Scammer Information
NameDAP More Like This
Details of Scam Report
DAP is nothing more than a scam DO NOT SEND MONEY!!!! My business initials are DAPI and we are in the same county they use for scamming. We get at least 5 calls a week from people looking for their money again its a scam.

2012-04-30: Followup Information Added By Shauna From  
Scammer Information
NameDistribution claim allowance More Like This
Email More Like This
Telephone(613) 233-9966
People Search by Spokeo
Fax(613) 233-9966 More Like This
Details of Scam Report
Sent to me in Canada. Very legit looking letter, except for the info included. Same $ amount and address as all other mentioned. Mine staes it is the 3rd and final notice I will receive, we'll see...

2012-02-19: Followup Information Added By B E From  
Scammer Information
NameDAP . 934 N University Dr # 332 . Coral Springs, Florida 33071 More Like This
Email AddressNone More Like This
Scam WebsiteNone More Like This
People Search by Spokeo
FaxNone More Like This
Details of Scam Report
No details except an address, doesnt that send alarm bells ringing. Letter stated that $1,750,233.99 and registered in my name only, ready to claim, with prompt reply and $30 prcessing fee.

2012-01-30: Followup Information Added By No Name From  
Details of Scam Report
My mother has received three letters, I was going to give her the money but,I know how scams are. Your right true good to be true. First of all they do not have a e-mail or people be aware!!!!!

2011-12-06: Followup Information Added By charlie From  
Scammer Information
NameDAP- More Like This
Email Addressn/a More Like This
People Search by Spokeo
Faxn/a More Like This
Details of Scam Report
DAB claims I have $1,750,233.99 and have 10 days to re send with $30 I am also another AUSTRALIAN how stupid do you think we are, I know iam not the only person that will not fall for such a scam. NO ONE send there money WARNING!!!!

2011-11-04: Followup Information Added By lauren From  
Scammer Information
NameDPA More Like This
Details of Scam Report
i received the letter from US address: DPA 7154 N University Dr #66 Tamarac, FL 33321-2916,stated i have won $ 1,750,233.99,but need to send them AU$30 in cash,cheque or money order for process fee. i didnt send any money to them.

2011-11-03: Followup Information Added By Anonymous From  
Scammer Information
Namescammed of Australia More Like This
Details of Scam Report
DAP claiming I have entitlements to $1,750,233.99. These letters are being received in Australia with an United States Address attached to all documentation, it looks genuinely real, but too good to be true. I did not send any money to these people, I recieved three letters of the similar appearance all stating money has been won or is part of a competition. This is a professional scam in circulation, do not send money to them.