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Stephen Lansdown
Intentional communities scam
Charity scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
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Email AddressOf course, scammer names are never the same More Like This
Scam Details This is the first contact email sent to intentional communities; eventually this leads to a request to send a fee to open a bank account to access non-existent funds:
Dear xxx,
I am interested in participating in this community.Which is why i am requesting for more information of what would be required of me.As regards my person,i am from the old school,served in the Merchant Navy, the Army and, as a practical person and international businessman. I hold myself to a high standard.I was educated in England and South Africa. During the 1939/1945 war I was an evacuee, my sister and I spent 5 years with our cousin in Johannesburg,South Africa.After school,I joined a shipping company as a ledger clerk,transferred to their sea staff and became a Purser, sailed up and down Europe and the East Coast of USA.In 1961,I was conscripted into the Army, served time in Cyprus,became married in 1965,promoted and discharged from the Army (1968) into the reserves for 7 years. I was a specialist, a MMG commander.
In 1968,i settled in London where i currently live,here in the United Kingdom.In 1973 I entered into corporate investment in Agriculture with significant investment farm holdings concentrating primarily in Coffee,Tea and Tobacco cultivation and exportation employing over 200 agents over the time.In 1995 I resigned and became an International Financier dealing in real estate,stock and bonds.I basically spent my whole life on building my investments,not until this time have i had the inspiration to be involved in community philanthropy work.I really wish to see some purpose to my life after all this years.Hence,i would count myself worthy of being involved in building such a unique network community,which i see would be a practical model to show how we all should live around the world.
Please do tell me about yourself(educational,present project details and work experience).I appreciate your time and i will expect your next contact.
Best Regards Simon Wilensky
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