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you have won the lucky strik programe
Lottery Scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
Namethomas niemann pedersen More Like This
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Telephone+4552661748 More Like This
Scam Details 25th July, 2012
GRC UK wishes to inform you of the results of The Lucky Strike Program held in Blackpool, Lancashire- United Kingdom. Your email account has been picked as a winner.
Prize Details: Ref #: GRCUK/WQT82-2012 Batch #: 85GB-6194 Amount: 839,350.00 GBP
Where to Claim: Cheque payment at GRC Claims Center located at: 26, Station Road, Blackpool Lancashire, FY4 1BE United Kingdom Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.30pm (excluding Public Holidays).
Please provide the documents given below at the prize claim counter * A print-out of the alert message received via email * Signature identification such as a Drivers Licence or Passport
If you are unable to claim in person at our office due to your location or any other reason, please send an email with the details given below to:
Or Fax to: +44 84 46 650 919
* Full Names: * Age: * Address: * Telephone: * Best Time to Call You:
All Participating emails were picked out from World Wide Web on a random basis with the help of This program was held in conjunction with major email providers in over 120 countries worldwide.
Any winner below the age of 21 years will automatically be disqualified.
Congratulations from all of us at GRC UK!
NOTE: You are to contact your claims representative immediately using the contact details provided above.
Copyright © 2012 GRC UK. All Rights Reserved.
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