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Vallejo, CA USA
A beneficary/will
Wills/Probate Scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NameJessica Benoit More Like This
Email More Like This
Telephone447045733155 More Like This
Fax448723526733 More Like This
Scam Details They are telling me that my email was randomly selected for a woman that has cancer and is going to passing soon. She supposdly willed me 10 million dollars. They want to me to send my bank account information but I have told them I don't have a bank account so they told me to open one. I have not and will not.
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2012-06-23: Followup Information Added By trured28 From 
Scammer Information
Namemrs.sarah smith More Like This
Email More Like This
Telephone+447011107196 More Like This
Scam Details this is some kind of will/charity this lady her name is sarah smith she supposedly have cancaer and shes dying and dont wanna give the money to her family and she wamts to give me 10 million dollars as her beneficiary of her will that her husband left her before he died and they asked for my account numbers and id information.