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Zhou howan
NAGEL ACUTION Fraud report
Auction/eBay Scam

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Scammer Information
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Scam Details I am also victim of the nagel auction fraud . I purchased chinese stoneware bowl in house at 12500 euro's when i brought it to usa . i knew it was fake i contact the auction for reporting of of fake item . They asked me for any proof or written report . I visited the expert and got the expert report on fake stoneware bowl . I sent them initially they assured me of refund but few days later they stopped responding to my emails finally i called their staff he refused to refund and was saying that in our terms of sale when are not responsible the written report is only to our expert knowledge to confirmed . Finally they said we are not refunding at any way we are just selling what ever it is . I am reporting this to all people to be aware of nagel auction fraud they are just selling fake items most of them are copy .
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