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Bedminster, NJ USA
DAP. 5944 Coral Ridge Drive #159 Coral Springs, FL 33076
Lottery Scam

Scammer Source was
Scammer Information
NameDAP - Distribution Claim Allowance More Like This
Details of Scam Report
Informing you of your right to claim $1,750,233.99 .. Asking for $20 for precedence fee. My mother actually asked me to look at it, instead of IMMEDIATELY knowing it to be a scan.. Worried about all others, who are not privy to this info..
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2012-06-22: Followup Information Added By Detective Floyd From  
Scammer Information
NameDet. Floyd More Like This
Email More Like This
Details of Scam Report
Can any of you email me a copy of the scam that you received from DAP, 5944 Coral Ridge Dr., Coral Springs, Florida. I am looking into this scam and I would appreciate any further information you can provide.

2012-05-26: Followup Information Added By Rachelle Blair From  
Scammer Information
NameAuthorization headquarters More Like This
Details of Scam Report
My grandfather recieved a notification of a $!,275,000 payment. Just send in $20. there was no description of the company, why he had been chosen to recieve the compensation, and no telephone number to contact the company.

2012-04-27: Followup Information Added By Jane From Vallejo, CA USA 
Scammer Information
NameDAP Authorization Headquarters More Like This
Details of Scam Report
My dad received a Settlement Notification from DAP Authorization Headquarters at 5944 Coral Springs FL 33076 for $1,245,461.00 and he is being asked to send a $20.00 processing fee. Fortunately he asked me to look it up on my computer to see if it was a scam. Hopefully they are put out of business soon.