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A Personal Donation to you. Contact Mrs Gloria Mackenzie for more INFO:Email Attached
Charity scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NameMrs. Gloria Mackenzie More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details From: JOHNSON, DAWN3 Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2014 8:06 PM To: JOHNSON, DAWN3 Subject: GOOD NEWS
A Personal Donation to you. Contact Mrs. Gloria Mackenzie [] for more INFO:
This E-mail transmission may contain confidential or legally privileged information that is intended for the individual or entity named in the E-mail address. Use of such information by any intended recipient shall be limited to the purpose for which such information was sent. Unauthorized use, disclosure, or copying is strictly prohibited. If you received this E-mail transmission in error, please reply to the sender and delete the message. Thank you.
Scam Email I traced this email address to a \"real\" school teacher. In the event that they are just a fall person (I assume they are) I leave this address reluctantly. What did interest me was the Department of Education source! I checked this out and the \"fall guy\" or \"source\" is a middle school teacher and the email came from their work computer, or so it seems.
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2014-05-30: Followup Information Added By No Name From 
Scammer Information
NameGerda Roper More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details Mrs Gloria Makenzie has a donation For You. For More Details Contact Mrs Gloria Makenzie On (