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million western union award account claim resident report courier user will ach (e-mail) (andrey butenko) (garry butenko) uk uk donation
Charity scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NameGarry Butenko, Andrey Butenko, Dana Edwars More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Websiteunknown More Like This
Telephone+380 9328 26743
People Search by Spokeo
Faxunknown More Like This
Details of Scam Report
I received an e-mail notifying me that I have received a donation of $ 1200000.00 USD from Tom Crist Charitable Foundation. In second e-mail, I was requested to forward my residential details. Then I receved another e-mail, with the company details and how I should go about claiming the award. I did not forward any money as I suspected this to be a scam as I was requested to send the money via Western Union or Money Gram address to Dana Edwards an apparant account at the courier comapany.
I have documentary (e-mail) proof to support the above report, and I am willing to make it available to you for perusal and consumption. It is unfortunate that I could not attach it to this report at this presnt time as your reporting page makes no provision for this purpose. If you provide me with a facility to anable me to provide this proof, will I be delighted to provide you with it soonest. It is important, as many e-mail users will be able to see the actual thing and you will be empowered with solid documentary proof for further action if necessary. The details in the e-mails are self explanatory, how the scammers exposed themselves.
Scam Email
1.; 2. (Andrey Butenko) e-mail address:; 3. (Garry Butenko) E-mail address:
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