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Inheritance Scam
Charity scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NameShannon Tipton More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details I was sent an email saying that a Mrs. Emily Rogers has left me with inheritance money to be used for Humanitarian work and for personal use. It says to contact her lawyer, Howell Jones by email ( and not to reply directly to the email that sent the message. It also has a bunch of information below it about the IRS and to make sure that the email stays confidential. They want a bunch of personal information, so do not fall for it! It's not real.
Scam Email

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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2014-02-12: Followup Information Added By Anonymous From  
Scammer Information
NameMrs.Emily Rogers have willed her inheritance to you More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details Mrs.Emily Rogers have willed her inheritance to you for Humanitarian work and your personal use. For more info contact her Attorney, Howell Jones on email: ( Do not reply back to this email contact her attorney on the above email directly for more details Yours Thompson Sarah
This email and any attached files are confidential and copyright protected. If you are not the addressee, any dissemination of this communication is strictly prohibited. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, nothing stated in this communication shall be legally binding.
The ultimate parent company of the Atkins Group is WS Atkins plc. Registered in England No. 1885586. Registered Office Woodcote Grove, Ashley Road, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BW. A list of wholly owned Atkins Group companies registered in the United Kingdom and locations around the world can be found at
Consider the environment. Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.
Scam Email