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No Name
Vallejo, CA USA
Distribution Claim Allowance
Classified Ads Scam -

Scammer Source was
Scammer Information
NameDistribution ID 50008347701 More Like This
Email Addressnone More Like This
Scam Websitenone More Like This
Telephonenone More Like This
Faxnone More Like This
Scam Details I received letter in the U S Post service mail mark Final Distribution Claim Allowance try to reach you regarding Certifing Rights To Claim 1,750,233.99 Date File: 1099-A Tag:10487-0025 The procedence fee payable to DAP $ 20.00 Dollars Mail Address is DAP 934 N. University Dr. # 332 Coral Springs, FL 33071
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2012-06-22: Followup Information Added By Detective Floyd From 
Scammer Information
NameDetective Floyd (Coral Springs Police) More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details Please email me a copy of the letter you received so I can follow up on these complaints to shut this person down. Thank you very much for your assistance.

2012-02-09: Followup Information Added By U.S. Taxpayer From Seattle, WA USA 
Scammer Information
NameU.S. Taxpayer More Like This
Scam Details Mass mailing claims you can collect $1,750,233.99 which DAP is holding in your name. Research them. Find them. And report them. Adresses: 934 N. University Drive #332, Coral Springs, Florida 3307. Also: 5944 Coral Ridge Drive #159, Coral Springs, Florida 33076. ( M.O. in this case matches scam profile.)