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Vallejo, CA USA
Untitled Nigerian/419 Scam, #1346
Nigerian/419 Scam

Scammer Source was url
Scammer Information
NamePaul Hudson More Like This
Email More Like This
Telephone805-323-6182 More Like This
Scam Details An opportunity to make $300 by doing a survey on the quality of customer service at western union was on craigslist. I responded that I was interested, with my name, email address, & home address in order to receive the "package" with more information and instructions for the survey. I received via USPS a check made out to my name for $2830 and a letter telling me to confirm via email that I had received the check and then there would be more instructions. WAY too fishy! Definitely a SCAM!
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2012-01-23: Followup Information Added By No Name From 
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Scam WebsiteStudy More Like This
Scam Details Do yourself a favor if you get any emails from STUDY@MIPPING.NET DELETE IT or SPAM IT. No one gets nothing for nothing. Its a scam. Be careful.