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I decided to bequeath the sum of $12,000,000.00 to you. (Contact: Attached
Wills/Probate Scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NamePerry Schoenecker More Like This
Email More Like This
Telephone447024092040 More Like This
Scam Details Tells you to contact "lawyer" Mr. Gail Smith at Email claims to be from dying patient, Christine Robinson whose hearing and brain ability are being affected by cancer. Name of "beneficiary", the recipient of the email is not given, but this person is supposedly willing to leave the reader $12,000,000.00. I looked up the email and found that it is consistent with information found on the American Cancer Association website. However, the email pulled up this scamdex site.
Scam Email
Schoenecker, Perry
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