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Paris Marais - lovely apartment SCAM
Classified Ads Scam -

Scammer Source was url
Scammer Information
NamePersson Rutgers More Like This
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Scam More Like This
Telephone+447741923249 More Like This
Scam Details The scammer pretends to be renting out an apartment in Paris, France (Marais) for $1200. However the apartment looks like it's worth much more than that amount, and the scammer uses pictures already used by other real apartments.
The scammer lists the apartment on and will act like a legitimate landlord. He even sends a legitimate passport copy and electric bill. However, when you reserve the apartment, he will try to get you to sign the lease and give him the deposit and 1st month rent. In return he says he will send you the keys for the apartment.
He seems almost believable and offers a real UK phone number so you can talk to him, but he is too eager and the apartment pictures are obviously stolen, and the price is too good.
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