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email on behalf of Mrs. Margaret CrawfordEmail Attached
Wills/Probate Scam

Scammer Source was email
Scammer Information
NameMaria Munoz, Mrs. Margaret Crawford & Attorney, Mark Lawson More Like This
Email; More Like This
Scam Websiten/a More Like This
Telephonen/a More Like This
Faxn/a More Like This
Scam Details This was the email body:
I am sending you this email on behalf of Mrs. Margaret Crawford in regards to her wish. She has been touched by God to donate from what she has inherited from her late husband to you for Humanitarian work. For more information, contact her Attorney, Mark Lawson on email:
Scam Email
Subject: email on behalf of Mrs. Margaret Crawford
From: Maria Munoz
received-spf: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
authentication-results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
received: from ([]) ([]) with mapi id 14.02.0342.003; Tue,2 Jul 2013 10:50:07 -0400
thread-topic: email on behalf of Mrs. Margaret Crawford
thread-index: Ac53M3EiKB390mXZQZGaC3Hgxzdl0A==
date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 14:50:06 +0000
accept-language: en-US
content-language: en-US
content-type: multipart/alternative;boundary=\"_000_AD017FE5DE503445A7BAA4C9103BFD70019D4F1FExMail01msbeaum_\"
mime-version: 1.0
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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2013-07-22: Followup Information Added By Anonymous From  
Scammer Information
Namejacqeline longworth More Like This
Email More Like This
Scam Details My name is Mrs. Margaret Crawford. I have decided to will my estate to you for Humanitarian work. For more details, contact my Attorney, Mark Lawson on email: This email was sent by a company owned by Pearson plc, registered office at 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL. Registered in England and Wales with company number 53723
Scam Email
I do not know this person and was very informal do not trust it