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Scam Tips Received
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-30
Scammer Source was email Untitled Fake/Counterfeit Goods - Other Payment Site, #23186Email Attached [ Fake/Counterfeit Goods - Other Payment Site ]
He is a fake facebook identity - who says he lives in Pretoria and works on contract in the UK. He invites you as friend on facebook. Tells you how beautiful and kind you are. They target professional divorced/widowed women and and then tells you that he had a terrible accident in the UK and need money to get some of his workers out of the hospital. He will pay you back as he has a 1,2 million pound deal with Exxon. He even adds pictures of the pipeline they are constructing. The he gets a problem on his... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Jake Rogers
at 2015-05-29
Scammer Source was gold coast scam forex trading company Fortune Plus[ Business Venture Scam ]
Fortune Plus is a company operating on the Gold Coast in Australia. They have changed their business name frequently in order to cover their shady tracks. Another business name they have used in the past is EQ Trading. They claim to be able to teach their clients how to trade the Forex currency markets using their "special" methods and techniques, for a cost of $12,500.00 initial upfront payment, and then an ongoing monthly fee of $289.00 for ongoing personal training and advice and access to their webinars... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-29
Scammer Source was email gumtree landcruiser for saleEmail Attached [ Generic/Unspecified Scam - Gumtree ]
Contacted buyer quickly after advertising asking if the car was still for sale and provided email address. Stated that it was for his son and that he worked off site and that's why he can't contact by phone and why he couldn't view car etc. He didn't negotiate price, he just requested PayPal to be set up using the link he provided or bank details to buy the car. He sent two drivers licences; one from QLD and 1 from the Philippines. The writing in the emails progressively worsened. After I stated that I had ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-29
Scammer Source was email+1 Jon Huntsman Sr. donation of 2,300,000.00Email Attached [ Charity scam ]
Received e-mail from as the donation team to Jon Directed me to respond to "huntsman" as I was to receive a donation of 2,300,000.00. Asked for name, address, cell number in order to verify and forward bank information for deposit of said funds. Reluctantly did so and asked Vincent_Wick why he sent me an response. Clearly a scam. Beware.... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Bukit Batok Owner
at 2015-05-29
Scammer Source was SCAMMER from GumTree[ Rental Scam - Gumtree ]
RE: GUMTREE ROOM RENTAL ADVERTISEMENT Received a SMS from +27810156145 " I have keen interest to rent ur property listed on d gumtri web so send me more fotos/details directly to ( or text back ur email address. I Replied via SMS "Hi, may i know which location u mean?" Received SMS from +27810156145 "Hello, I am very keen about renting d unit so please send me more details to my email for further discusion Rdgs" I Email her some room photos, and near by amenities details. (... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was email terry wilson[ Classified Ads Scam - Gumtree ]
Hey there thanks for the mail, am indeed ok with the price and conditions....Contact via phone would have been the best to talk to you but due to the nature of my work, i am a tool pusher and work with Industrial CNC Tube & Pipe Cutting Machines and we are presently on the rig offshore we do not have access to phone at the moment, I am buying this for my first son who just graduated on top of his class as an Engineer at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique, I want it to be the perfect graduat... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Mathew Philip
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was email Untitled Charity scam, #23176[ Charity scam ]
Greetings, You were chosen by God to receive my Cash Grant Donation of $15,000,000 US Dollars, reply for details. Sincerely, P.Chandler ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Caroline Ruth White
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was John Stanley Gray of Grafton[ Social Network Scam ]
Gray, John Stanley, 4 Halifax Avenue, Epsom, Auckland – Bankrupt 27 May 2009. Well known Auckland Conman ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was Am a missionary...i love Christ and am well determined to talk about christ and preach his gospel to the worldEmail Attached [ Charity scam - Google Checkout ]
"Fishing "contact in chatroom by googleplus !... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-28
Irvine, CA USA
Scammer Source was email Dating scam on MingleEmail Attached [ Dating Scam - Yahoo ]
Person on Mingle dating site uses the screen name Sherry White. Individual then informs me her real name is Courtney Davis. After a few well written emails, the individual then tells me she needs my assistance with her internet bill. She needs $720. Individual will not let me pay the internet company directly;says it must be done on a reloadit card. After I delay that request, she wants me to deposit cash into her "friend's" bank account at Regions bank. Account # 0218260705. Account name Gayla J Ha... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was email Untitled Lottery Scam, #23172Email Attached [ Lottery Scam ]
( You have won One Million Dollars contact for claim )... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-28
London UK
Scammer Source was url not getting into an escort scam where you have to pay money upfront.Email Attached [ Generic/Unspecified Scam ]
A payment upfront was made for a six month membership, to act as an escort for specific occasions such as escorting a male to a show or some other type of function. Every time I called them they would say that they had telephoned me with an offer, but since I had not answered straight away, the appointment had been given to someone else. I paid £199 up front for a supposed 6 months contract. Although I contacted them on several occasions, there was always a reason why I did not get bookings. The lady I ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by gorka melgosa
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was url[ Business Venture Scam ]
a mi tambien me han estafado...compre un pedido en esta pagina en marzo...fueron 43 euros... despues de muchos mensajes mandados y no contestados me dijeron que no tenian el producto y me devolvian el dinero...pero estamos casi en junio y todavia no me han me contestan a los mensajes.... asi que cuidado con esta comprar nada una estafa.... son unos comprar mandan el te devuelven el te contestan a los... ⇒ more ...
Reported by M VD SCHYFF
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was url TERRY WILSON WANTED TO BUY MY CAR[ Classified Ads Scam - Gumtree ]
same BS as he used on the other goods on gumtree something told me to google his address: & became aware of this scams he pull Please be aware of him being some off shore oil rigg operator overseas & cant chat over the phone or meet you in person same story that he wants to buy this car for his son who graduated on top of his class and wants to keep it a secret..............oh please........ o yes, and the best : forward him your PAYPAL ACCOUNT DETAILS PLEASE BE AWARE S... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Philip Clark
at 2015-05-28
Scammer Source was email Lovely 1 br apartment in Marais (Le Marais)Email Attached [ Rental Scam - Craigslist ( ]
See: This is the same scam, with different email address and phone number. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-27
Scammer Source was Same scam after advertising on all classifieds[ Classified Ads Scam - Gumtree ]
Just the same as I the other scams reported from putting an add on gumtree and all classifieds... 'Chrissy' off shore! Her address being ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-27
Denver, CO USA
Scammer Source was Untitled , #23165[ ]
this company claims to be a debt collector. the letter I received was addressed to the wrong address and with the wrong amount. I have proof that the facility that I did have business with, that this letter is connected with, shows a ZERO balance and paid in full. I did contact the business with the original debt and was told by them that they do not turn accounts over for collection. DO NOT PAY THIS COMPANY IF YOU RECEIVE A LETTER FROM THEM!!!!! SKO Brenner American 40 Daniel Street PO Box 230 Frmn... ⇒ more ...
at 2015-05-27
Vallejo, CA USA
Scammer Source was email scam NIGERIA FORTUNE CANCER [ Charity scam ]
Dear Friend, Greetings. I am glad you responded to my email. My name is Dennis O. William. I am 71 years young and i lived in Wilmar Minnesota until recently. You must wonder if i don't have any surviving relatives; i do. I have a sister who wants nothing to do with me. I was cruel to her and never helped out when she needed me most, she wants nothing to do with me. I gave her some money in the past and she returned it, Wherever she is i only beg her forgiveness and also pray God gives her a good h... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-05-27
Scammer Source was Untitled Business Venture Scam, #23163Email Attached [ Business Venture Scam ]
The subject line was "My proposal". Nearly scammed. Found me on Linkedin and now I would like to report him due to the email below. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Marsha shackleford
at 2015-05-26
Richardson, TX USA
Scammer Source was email bogus online lottery sent me email saying I had won the mega millions 2015 lottery winning from bamako mali[ Lottery Scam ]
... ⇒ more ...
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