vehicle scam

Don’t buy a vehicle from a “Curbstoner”

OK, so what, precisely, is a Curbstoner?

Here’s some background:

You know that place on your commute that always has a bunch of cars for sale? the patch of waste ground by the stoplights? Buying a used car or leasing a car is a major decision (you can check the van leasing info to take the best decision), and you want to be sure you’re shopping at Autozin a trusted dealership. Many people mistake car washing with car detailing. This car detailing introduction provides an overview of car detailing and how it’s different that a simple car wash or wax job.

That’s almost certainly a curbstone site. Curbstoners are unlicensed vehicle dealers, called as such because they tend to park a selection of cars for sale in popular areas along the curbstones. They operate in this way because a private sale of a vehicle is not covered by the legal restrictions that a dealer must abide by.

You’ll run into yet another headache when trying to get quotes, as the insurance company will have to look deep into the vehicles history, and if the scam has something to do with who legally owns the vehicle the consequences could fall on you. These iffy car sellers will never tell you the full story, but once money has changed hands there’s no going back to them for help. For exactly that reason they may hide certain things from you that could affect you severely shortly down the line.

Why are they bad?

Several reasons: