ten years

Ten Years of Scamdex!

Yes, Scamdex started ten years ago, in 2004! When I started, it was a very simple site, hand-written in Perl and was purely a database of email scams. Now it includes Scam Tip Off Reports and many more emails. I would like to thank my visitors, who mostly arrive via a search engine (mainly Google) for reading my all too infrequent blog posts and supporting my site with ad clicks.

When I first started Scamdex, I was the only kid on the block. Internet Security was barely visible, beyond sellers of Anti-Virus stuff. I was number 1 in the search rankings for ’email scam’ for the first couple of years then business and government got interested.

The design has always been ‘challenged’, partly because of the dynamic, database-driven nature of the site, but I like to think it has improved over the years. The earliest view I can find is here. I do have a long term plan to update the look and feel completely, using Twitter Bootstrap to make the site better accessible to the growing trend of mobile device viewership. It’s just time…..

Here’s to another ten years!