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An Own-Your-Own Website Business Opportunity where consumers would make money from links to major retailers was halted by the FTC.
An operation that lured consumers into spending thousands of dollars for Internet websites and advertising by misrepresenting that they could make lots of money by linking the sites to major retailers. The court ordered a stop to the defendants’ allegedly deceptive practices and froze their assets pending further litigation. The action is part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts to protect consumers in financial distress.

There are many of these ‘Business Opportunities’ on the Internet and only the most egregious (read “Greedy”) are ever brought to account. The rest go on taking millions of people’s hard earned money with dubious, immoral, illegal and downright criminal schemes. As soon as the current pool of suckers is exhausted and/or the law start sniffing around, they close up shop and reopen with a new name, domain name and logo and just carry on.

DNS (whassat?) it’s a great tool against Scammers!

The DNS Route to Scam Protection Online.

When you type in ‘’ on your browser, a lookup is performed to translate the domain name into a unique address (IP Address) that all networked computers understand and which contains the path to the right server. Good people like those at SEO reseller website are very good at this sort of thing if you need some help.
Use OpenDNS

Your ISP will have given you two longish ‘numbers-separated-by-dots’ (eg. to type in to your Network Settings. These are the Domain Name Servers (DNS) that your computer will use whenever you ask to go to a domain name.

Right? Well, never mind, just trust me on this one.

Wouldn’t it be great if, when you did the lookup/translate part, the result was filtered for Scams/Profanity/Pornography/Crime/Violence etc etc?

Well, by changing the DNS servers you use, you can have this great feature – for free, I may ad – and you (and your children/employees) can surf a little easier. No software to download, no subscriptions, no spam – it couldn’t be easier. Free, simple to do, free, great protection …. Use OpenDNSwhat more can I say other than if you don’t believe me, Click this button to find out why you need to change your DNS servers NOW!

(or, you can just change your DNS servers to and and get on with your life)

BTW, the same people who run also run an Anti-Phishing site called, amusingly, PhishTank