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Insurance Scam Job with tortured bizspeak free!

Here’s a cute one – of course it’s our old friend the ‘transaction processing clerk’ scam, gussied up a little to be an insurance invoicer/reimburser. What caught my eye was the amusing biz speak which looks like it’s been through the Dialectizer, a website that has been around for years, that will translate any text into your choice of ‘Swedish Chef’,  ‘Elmer Fudd’, ‘Hillbilly’ and many more.. [ad]

There used to be programs around that juggled a bunch of random ‘buzz words’ to generate idiotic phrases that just might have been used already in your last marketing tigerteam ‘feel the force’ bi-annual synergy meeting. I miss those, innocent days!

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here’s another spam scam :

Vance Garland []
Julie Mathews. HR department. ID: 461562292291351385756 []

Dear Job Seeker,

Due to converge of our mutual interests within the boundaries of the employment process, we’d like to manifest provision of the newly opened entry, available for your immediate contemplation.

An expansion process, has inevitably triggered the underscored insurance company to form complementary positions within the market of operation. If you are ever in need of a nw insurance plan, then consider going to to pick out which plan is the best for your needs.

We’re providing a feasible opportunity to put your legal background to use in the insurance/accounting sphere. Undoubtedly, our ultimate aim is to bring the confort work environment, stimulating a reciprocal leap towards beneficial and justifying operating conditions.

Informational table is presented below, to briefly outline the opening.

* Benefits and privileges:

-Feasible career advancement opportunities.
-Extensive tutelage (probation period) for the first two months.
-Fixed payout, resulting in 2000 USD monthly.
-Outstanding reimbursement plan.

* Requirements:

– Accuracy and leadership in the assigned operations
– Interpersonal and communication skills.
– Swift decision-making.
– Honesty and law obedience.
– Proficient use of Microsoft Office.

* Primary responsibilities:

– Preparing invoices, compiling itemized charges and submitting bills concerning insurance reimbursement enquiries.
– Commencing insurance operations (reimbursement cases).
– Consolidating viable documentation, records and paperwork.
– This is not insurance sales position and you don’t need to sell insurance, this is Money Manager vacancy.

If you want to apply please send all your questions and contact information ONLY to e-mail: We’re looking forward to our further communication.

Julie Mathews. HR department.
ID:  461562292291351385756