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Been Scammed on CraigsList? – New Service from Scamdex

Back in 2008, Scamdex found a blog devoted to outing the huge population of scammers to whom Craigslist is a God-given opportunity to rip off people the world over. The Blog, Exposing scam artists who use Craigslist
is still here but hasn’t been updated for a while, which is a shame.

Scamdex’s Scam Tip Off Service

Scam Tip Off

I created a service to allow people to quickly log any instances they see of scams online. There are other services that allow this but I didn’t find on that I liked. These were the criteria I felt were important:

  • Completely Anonymous (if desired) logging in several different categories.
  • No username/signup process keeps it simple and quick.
  • Few mandatory fields. If you dont know the fax number, I won’t bust your balls!
  • High Search Engine visibility. Scamdex has always relied on Search Engines, especially Google, for indexing of it’s information. 85% our visitors come to Scamdex through a search engine query.

You can see what has already been logged Here and Add information Here. The app is under continuous development and I am working on tools to aggregate similar and identical reports. Any feedback is gratefully received (just make a comment here)