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Scam Of The Week: FTC Refund Phishing Phraud

Scam Of The Week: FTC Refund Phishing Phraud
Warn your employees, friends and family

There is a new Scam Of The Week where bad guys are trying to trick people into clicking on phishing links to receive an FTC refund, with the twist that the refund is actually real.

The FTC first took action against J. K. Publications, Inc in 1998. These scammers purchased access to the credit card account numbers of more than three million Visa and MasterCard holders from a California bank with the pretext to confirm that the customers had valid credit cards and debit cards.

However, back at the ranch, they made illegal charges on the cards for X-rated Websites. Quite a few of the people who had been fraudulently charged didn’t even own a PC at that time!

The FTC was able to quickly shut down the scam, but J.K. Publications and the people involved in the scam managed to hide millions of the fraudulently obtained dollars in off-shore banks. It took the FTC a very long time to get the money back but they are at the moment mailing 322,000 checks to victims of this scam.

So, lazy bad guys just go to the FTC website to get ideas for phishing attacks and start sending them to millions of people. I suggest you send the following to your employees, friends and family:

There is a new Scam Of The Week where bad guys have taken an actual past scam that the Federal Trade Commission has resolved and is now refunding money on. Bad guys take these FTC cases and create a phishing attack out of them.

Here is the rule: If you receive any emails from an official-sounding organization that promises you a refund for any amount, be very careful and never click on any links or open any attachment you did not ask for. Delete the email. (OPTIONAL: or use the KnowBe4 Phish Alert Button)

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Golden 1 Phone Scam hits Sacramento

Social engineering is an approach used to gain unauthorized access to or acquisition of information assets. This approach relies on misrepresentation and the trusting nature of individuals, and is often carried out through the use of phishing telephone calls or email.
A phishing telephone call or phishing email may sound or look as though it comes from an organization you do business with, such as a bank or government entity, but they are generally from a scammer trying to obtain your personal information under false pretenses.

This particular scam is being carried out by telephone as follows:

An individual leaves a message on an employee’s work phone number, stating they are with the Golden 1 Credit Union. In this scam, the message states that the targeted person’s credit and/or debit card has been temporarily suspended and instructs them to push “1” to reach security. Do not push “1”. If you push “1”, a second recording will ask you put your card number. DO NOT PUT IN YOUR CARD NUMBER!!!!

The following are general practices to avoid becoming a victim of these types of scams:

• Do not respond to unsolicited (spam) e-mail. Simply delete it.
• Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as officials soliciting personal information via e-mail, telephone or other means.
• Do not click on links contained within an unsolicited e-mail.
• Be cautious of e-mail claiming to contain pictures in attached files, as the files may contain viruses. Only open attachments from known senders.
• Validate the legitimacy of the organization by directly accessing the organization’s website rather than following an alleged link to the site.
• Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone who solicits information.

The Golden 1 Credit Union has been made aware of this scam. Additional information from Golden 1 Credit Union regarding fraud is available on their website at:

Round-up of Internet Scams in the News


Door-to-door scam in Watertown
News 10 Now – Syracuse,NY,USA
WATERTOWN, NY — Police in Watertown are warning homeowners of a possible scam involving a person claiming to be from the Toys for Tots program.
At about 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, police say a white male came to a door on Portage Street asking for a cash donation for Toys for Tots. His request was denied and he left.

GEORGETOWN: Man charged in package scam

Delmarva Daily Times – MD,USA
The Delaware State Police charged a 39-year-old Milford resident for theft by false pretense after he reportedly intentionally stole packages he was supposed to deliver for victims. The investigation began Nov. 16 after two victims came forward to police and reported Luis D. Bravo, 39 of Milford Harrington Hwy, Milford, had defrauded them.

Craigslist scam cheating Denver residents
United Press International – USA
3 (UPI) —
Some Denver homeowners say they and unsuspecting renters have been victimized by a Craigslist scam apparently based out of Nigeria.Homeowner John Kurowski said the Web site had featured an advertisement that placed a property he owned up for rent at a cheap price without his consent, KCNC-TV, Denver, reported Wednesday.

New Scam: Pay up, or Die!
Tampa Bay’s 10 – St. Petersburg,FL,USA
Brooksville, Florida —
The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn people about a new email scam trying to scare people out of their money. You can read the entire email below.The subject line of the email reads: “I felt very sorry and bad for you” from “
Bogus IRS e-mail aims to steal identities

Rocky Mount Telegram – Rocky Mount,NC,USA
Local residents risk falling prey to identity theft if they respond to a recent e-mail in which someone bogusly claims to be the Internal Revenue Service in need of personal information. The IRS had nothing to do with the latest letters that were sent out via e-mail to Rocky Mount residents, a spokesman said. “It is a phishing scam. The IRS doesn’t send out unsolicited e-mails.” Hanson said people who respond to the e-mails risk identity theft or worse.

Salina Man Ripped-Off in Internet Scam
KSAL – Salina,KS,USA
A Salina man is bilked out of nearly $18500 in an internet scam. Police say that back in August a 39-year-old Salina man met a woman on the
AG: Lakewood charity a scam
Denver Post – Denver,CO,USA
Authorities said the scam has been going on since 2007. According to court documents, Smith and Stokes told donors that Family Relief Fund collects money.
Autocall Scam Rings local Phones Well Into The Night
Rome News Wire – rome,ga,USA
hang up and do not give you bank account number. It is not yet clear where the calls are originating from or if anyone local has fallen prey to the scam.
New Scam Out Of Africa Rents Homes On Craigslist – Denver,CO,USA
One look at the price in the ad and it was clear this was a scam. The ad listed the price as $1300 a month for a five bedroom, incredibly charming home.
Alleged Fresno Scam Rents Out Foreclosed Homes
KMPH Fox 26 – Fresno,CA,USA
Kinard says she is just one of about 20 families in Fresno who were fooled by the scam. “One of the best pieces of advice is always do your homework,” said
Phone scam targeting North Iowa again
Mason City Globe Gazette – Mason City,IA,USA
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Consumer agency warns about holiday scam
WACH – Columbia,SC,USA
The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs warns consumers about a class-action lawsuit scam. The scam involves an unknown person who calls consumers
Sheriff’s Department warns of bond scam
Grand Haven Tribune – Grand Haven,MI,USA
AP Breaking News Video The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents of a phone scam asking for bond money. According to Lt. Lee Hoeksema,
San Francisco Chronicle

A restaurant reservation scam
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Part of the answer came last week from an East Bay restaurateur who emailed me about a recent scam. During a two-month period the restaurant owner received

Ohioans are warned of insurance scam
Chillicothe Gazette – Chillicothe,OH,USA
COLUMBUS – The Ohio Department of Insurance is warning people about a recent phone scam in which the caller claims to be from the person’s auto insurance
United Kingdom

Lapland ‘scam‘ costs woman £3000
BBC News – UK
A woman fears she has lost £3000 after buying more than 100 tickets to a Lapland-style theme park described as a “scam” by scores of angry visitors.

Updated 12/2: Phony grandson sets up ‘grandma’ in money scam
Pioneer Press Online – Glenview,IL,USA
By JENNIFER JOHNSON A Park Ridge woman lost $3600 last week after she wired money to a person she believed was her grandson.
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Aimetis Symphony Thwarts Card Skimming Scam at One of the Nordic’s
MarketWatch – USA
that its surveillance platform, Aimetis Symphony(TM) played an instrumental role in thwarting a card skimming scam at ICA Maxi Superstores in Sweden.

LOCAL NEWS: House resumes hearing on fertilizer scam
Philippine Star – Manila,Philippines
By Alexa Villano Updated December 02, 2008 02:58 PM The House Committee on Agriculture resumed its hearing today on the controversial fertilizer scam with

Dont try to scam Scamdex, Ok?

I give my cellphone number out to very few people. Friends, relatives, Scamdex-related business and the occasional on-line order, if they insist. So when I get a call, it’s normally someone I know personally or business. So I was surprised to get a call from an outfit called ‘Auction Profits LLC’ ( , asking me if I want to make money with drop-shipping on eBay.

After listening to their inept spiel which seems to involve mentioning eBay and MONEY as often as possible, I asked them where they got my phone number and name. The claim was that I had placed an order with another company called ‘Online Supplier’ ( . They knew my name, address and phone number and indicated that they had additional credit card information as well.

When I persisted, I was zapped to the supervisor who blustered about how I must have bought something from them before and, anyway, how about making some money on eBay?

He completely missed the point that I made that I run a website devoted to exposing scams (such as his) and he dropped my call. I got a weird ‘private’ call a few minutes later (2 minutes of static followed by a ‘sorry wrong number’) which I strongly suspect was them.


Canadian Phone Scam runs up Big Long distance charges

Canadian Telecom company, SaskTel is warning customers to be on the look-out for a telephone scam that could lead to unwanted long distance charges. In this scam, a person calls a customer claiming there has been an accident or some other incident. The caller then requests that the customer dial *72 followed by a long-distance telephone number. Since *72 is used to activate SaskTel’s call forwarding service, the customer unwittingly forwards their phone line to a long distance number and is then responsible for all resulting long distance charges.