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Data Conversion Job Scam is active again

The scam goes like this: a company contacts you about a job where you work from home, doing various office jobs, filing, inventorying stuff, converting data from one format to another. You just need to use an application, the price of which they may or may not refund you on your first paycheck. The software application – “XXXX Inventory Software” costs 60 Euros or £58 or USD60

The ‘sting’ is in the software – it’s useless junk, and even if it isn’t, there’s no “work”. The whole scam is to get you to part with your cash. There is no “work”, or if there is it’ll probably involve you receiving fake checks and sending on the ‘remainder’.

I went to the website CEZASOFT.COM and they don’t accept credit cards [RED FLAG] and you have to contact them to buy the software, and they’ll send you back a Software Order Form which asks you to use a dubious payment provider called, which is basically an untraceable digital conversion of your cash into easily stolen/transferred cash.

I’ve warned about this scam before and the names keep changing so it obviously works. Today it is ‘BYRAM and CEZASOFT’, tomorrow it may change when too many sites such as this report on it.

This is the email you’ll get when yu apply for the job:

Your application is approved, now you can start work with us, attached are employment documents and first paid project work,
we have send you One Day of work But its your first project so you can submit in 3days and after that you have to submit in 24 hours,
attached are the image files of Data Sheets, Guideline of work is attached with this Email on MS word format, kindly read carefully,
Also Guideline Tutorial is included as a Picture format after entering the Data in Ceza Inventory Software Save the files and Saved
files you have to send us back by online software and we will immediately transfer you your first week salary in advance, (get software to )
with this email following files are attached in .ZIP folder,
1: Data Sheets to Complete (Project Pack)
2: Step by Step Guideline and Tutorial (Guideline)
3: Your Salary invoice (Salary)
4: Employment Documents
kindly Download Project zip folder and Extract / Unzip after download: (attached with this email)
Note: its One day of work but you can complete this project in 3 days and contact us back,
eldwin clay

If you see a new websit efor this scam, please comment or email

Here is a Tip Off Report with more details from a Scamdex Contributor


A recent Scam Tip Off Report tells me of a Logistics Position for Recap Distribution. Supposedly operating in Finland, all the money seems to flow to Russia.

It’s a simple enough scam – You take a job as a ‘Receivables Clerk’. Packages arrive and you send them on to another address. Money comes in to your PayPal account, you ship it somewhere else bu Western Union.


Now you know that the packages were bought with stolen credit card numbers, right? and the money in your paypal account? same thing.

All goes well for a while until a cop turns up on your doorstep asking why you are (a) handling stolen goods and (b) money laundering. Demanding some kind of restitution.

So, if that kind of thing sounds good to you, go to the Recap Distribution Careers page on their website at RECAPDIST.COM

Which has been operating since way back in NOVEMBER 2012


Registration Date: 14-Nov-2012
Expiration Date: 14-Nov-2013
Registrant Contact Details:
Recap Distribution
Danny Jones ()
Mannerheimvagen 12
Tel. +358.358923161434

The [domain] names change, but the “Data Conversion Job” Scam remains the same…

“Data Conversion Job Scam”?

Yes – this has been running for several months now. This is how it works:

A spam email, probably coming via a job seekers website [such as or or or] tells the victim about a great employment opportunity he can do at home – all he has to do is transcribe some written text into a software program and send it off.

You can find here a better review for spy apps than spybubble reviews cnet if you are worried about your information, because this app makes a video of everything they do on their screen.  Did they just download that new social media app to chat with their ex?

Scam Job Website Garindata from Scamdex

The employer website domain name changes but they almost always use the term ‘E-Books Conversion and Data Technology’ and is similar to the image here.
The applicant (Garindata Scam Job Application Form) ALWAYS gets the job and, after agreeing to the benefits etc, is directed to go to the website of a software company that has a product that he will need to perform his function. He will, of course, be fully reimbursed with his first paycheck!
The Software company is unique in Internet terms, of being unable to accept any form of credit card, PayPal, MoneyBookers or any other Internet payment method. No – all they accept is WESTERN UNION (which basically means untraceable, uncancellable, unverifiable cash payments). The cost for this ‘software’ is around 57 Euros.

Garindata scam job employment confirmation card

This is the whole scam

Secret Shopper Scam Described

The Consumerist“, a website that highlights the persistent, shameless gaffes of modern consumerism – and the latest scams, rip-offs, hot deals and freebies, encourages their readers to tell them about their everyday experiences with absurdities of consumer culture – and suggest ways for them to fight back.

They explain in detail how the ‘Secret Shopper’ scam works and the comments are interesting too, especially the one from a persone who actually did the job for real.

There are legit Mystery Shopper jobs. A friend did it for years.

A Legit company, has a physical office,
Pays Unemployment insurance.
Offers Insurance and maybe a 401k
Supplies you with a company credit card to offset employee purchases required to do the job.
Handles corporate accounts for big names such as Pepsico, or Marriott.
Reimburses all employee costs and pays mileage.
You DO NOT get to keep your purchases required to do your job unless its staying in a hotel you are “shopping”
Food is tested for temp, drinks for proper mixture.
You will be observing cleanliness and going to the bathrooms.
You may eat your meal but your probably shopping 20 places that day so most of it must be disposed of, it cannot be given away.
You WILL be traveling the country, sometimes 1000 miles a day in all types of weather.
You WILL be away from home 2-3 weeks a month.
You WILL NOT be payed in advance.
You will get a salary on top of compensation for your purchases.
You WILL spend many a night sleeping in your car.

Anything that does not meet these criteria is most likely a SCAM.

So, it’s not as exciting or lucrative as it sounds! 🙁

IRS Lists it’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ Tax Scams

Hiding income in offshore accounts, identity theft, return preparer fraud, and filing false or misleading tax forms top the annual list of “dirty dozen” tax scams in 2011, the Internal Revenue Service announced today.

“The Dirty Dozen represents the worst of the worst tax scams,” IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said. “Don’t fall prey to these tax scams. They may look tempting, but these fraudulent deals end up hurting people who participate in them.”

The IRS works with the Justice Department to pursue and shut down perpetrators of these and other illegal scams. Promoters frequently end up facing heavy fines and imprisonment. Meanwhile, taxpayers who wittingly or unwittingly get involved with these schemes must repay all taxes due plus interest and penalties.

Following is the Dirty Dozen for 2011:

Hiding Income Offshore

The IRS aggressively pursues taxpayers involved in abusive offshore transactions as well as the promoters, professionals and others who facilitate or enable these schemes. Taxpayers have tried to avoid or evade U.S. income tax by hiding income in offshore banks, brokerage accounts or through the use of nominee entities. Taxpayers also evade taxes by using offshore debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, foreign trusts, employee-leasing schemes, private annuities or insurance plans. (more…)

WORK FROM HOME!!! (yep, it’s yet another scam)

Anyone online or offline has seen the ads by now –

Money Motivated Pros | Team Leaders Needed | Looking for Recruiters | Professionals Needed | Remote Agents Needed | Top Guns Only | Business Development | Marketing Reps | Senior Account Executives |
Promotional Managers | Looking for Talent | Junior Account Executive | Marketing and Sales | We Need Strong Phone Associates – Incoming Calls | Seasoned Reps /Team Leaders | Looking for Experienced Team Builders | Inbound Phone Associates |Sales Openers and Closers Needed Now – All Inbound | Confident Strong Reps for Easy Phone Work | Inbound Sales/Marketing Representatives | Phone Based Sales | Team Leaders Needed – All Calls Incoming

Whether it’s spam, popups, ads on your favorite website, flyers stuffed in your letterbox or even personal solicitation – it’s everywhere and there is a very good reason.

I’m talking about the ‘Free Cash Machine’ or ‘Daily Income Career Network’  (aka hundreds of other names which change daily).

It’s an operation which while technically isn’t a scam, it sails as close to the ‘S’ word as possible and uses every unethical and questionably moral trick in the very same book that scammers use.

How it works
Daily Income Network Video – How it all works (according to them)

This is a very sophisticated operation that strings together every tried and trusted technique (Ponzi, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Spam, Deceptive Advertizing) into one large funnel, with your money at one end and their bank account at the other.

Their advertising is very keen to make out that it costs you nothing (to get started). This alone helps them get past one hurdle, the on-line job websites will not accept any vacancy that carried an up-front fee. So that means that CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Your-Local-Classifieds and more will be full of the same ad in a different cloak.

Scam Job Listing on CareerBuilder

Part 1 – Trainee
After looking through their training materials, it first appears that the ‘job’ is signing up for trial periods with web-based companies (such as Free Credit Reports, ID Protection, Satellite Dishes etc.). After doing this, the job is to get as many other people to do the same thing. This generates affiliate income which is where all the $20 bills start appearing. Spam more of the people you know into signing up for dodgy services and the more money you make. (more…)

Powell Exotic Furniture Website Spoof Scam – PEFURNITURE.NET

Administrative assistant needed by Powell Exotic Furniture,Good pay and flexible hours, see attached pdf for more info or sign up via

Here’s a new website spoof scam – take the website of a perfectly respectable, American furniture company – Nichols & Stone and copy it. Then substitute the new name ‘Powell Exotic Furniture’ and register a domain name – PEFURNITURE.NET

Here’s the domain name details  – complete rubbish as usual – created in February, updated today.

complete Domain Name: PEFURNITURE.NET
   Referral URL:
   Creation Date: 06-feb-2010
   Last update of whois database: Tue, 11 May 2010 21:47:04 UTC <<<

Registration Service Provided By: HIGH HOSTING ENTERPRISES, INC
Contact: +001.8503682092

    William Ace        (
    21 E. Penn St
    Mundeline    IL,60060    US
    Tel. +1.2066664204

Obviously this is a scam. do not go there or give any of your details – you have been warned

Who or What is BobBear?

In my infrequent callouts to other websites that  (like Scamdex) were  created out of the blind fury experinced by seeing bad people taking money from good people, I have another site for you to take notice of.

But first, a recap:

When Scamdex started in 2004, there were very few sites about scams and Internet fraud; we felt there was a need to educate people and, using the power of Search Engines, set out to make it easy to check on emails and websites.

Since then, the field has  grown – lots of Government-funded sites have sprung up, large Internet organizations  have (finally) acknowledged that fraud does happen and now devote precious pages to warning their customers  “it’s not our fault, please don’t bother trying to sue us” “there are unscrupulous people out there so please don’t use Western Union to but Laptops from Nigeria” etc…

But still Scamdex and the many other privately run websites continue in their (often one-manned) struggle against the odds and so to one of these: ‘BobBear’

Bob Bear Website Logo

Bob Bear Website Logo is a voluntary, non-profit site dedicated to providing information on fake companies offering part-time, work from home job scams, in particular money mule or money transfer fraud, aka ‘payment transfer agent’ scams and the related reshipping fraud or ‘parcels agent’ scams. They also provide victim advice and support. If you receive a suspect spam offering you a job or find a website offering fraud jobs then please send them (and us) a copy.

Please support them – you know it makes sense!