Chat Scammers

Skype Chat fails Scamdex Reporting Criteria

Scamdex believes that every provider of interactive services should have, front and center, a simple way to report abusers of it’s service. So, a provider of free email needs to

have an easy-to-find way to report people using it’s email for scamming or spamming. This reporting should be linked directly to a mechanism which flags the account and, if possible, immediately suspends the account until the claim has been verified.

Remember, in most cases we’re talking about ‘free’ services, with little or no verification of any of the registration data. In that environment, the strictest possible enforcement should be used.

Providers of these free services (gmail, hotmail, AOL, yahoo etc etc) almost always fail these seemingly obvious criteria and actually contribute to the deluge of spam and scams by their inaction.

In the past two days, I have used two services and got two different scam solicitations.