Preventing Identity Theft by Credit Bureau Monitoring

Lifelock LogoLifeLock was arguably the first online business to provide consumer-targetted Identity Theft Protection. Since their start in 2005, LifeLock has provided a useful service providing consumers with the tools they need to help protect themselves from identity theft and manage their credit. Scamdex was and continues to be a firm proponent of organizations like LifeLock and there are many imitators out there. You may have seen the early ads where the CEO showed his Social Security Number.

LifeLock are now continuing their consumer protection services by a new product called LifeLock Credit Score Manager. This service monitors the big three credit bureaux on a  daily basis, sending alerts when changes are made to the member’s credit files. The service also provides members with monthly updates and online access to their TransUnion credit score, and annual updates to credit scores and reports for all three credit bureaus.

Credit rating downgrades can be due to errors, high balances, too many credit inquiries or Identity Theft (Someone takes out a loan using your ID).  Low credit ratings can cause higher interest rates or denial of credit or even employment.

If your continued credit-worthyness is important to you or your business, it makes a lot of sense to have the most up-to-date information and this product seems to provide a solution.

They have a 30 day free trial – If you signup from this link, Scamdex will benefit financially :’)

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