‘Nigerian’ Scam still top online Scam, says PandaLabs

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PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory has drawn up a ranking of the most widely used scams over the last few years. These confidence tricks, which are still in wide circulation, all have the same objective: to defraud users of amounts ranging from $500 to thousands of dollars.

Typically, these scams follow a similar pattern: initial contact is made via email or through social networks. The intended victim is then asked to respond, either by email, telephone, fax, etc. Once this initial bait has been taken, criminals will try to gain the trust of the victim, finally asking for a sum of money under one pretext or another.

According to Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs, “As with all the classic scams that predate the Internet, many of the numerous users that fall for these tricks and lose their money are reticent to report the crime. And if recovering the stolen money was difficult in the old days, it is even harder now as the criminals’ tracks are often lost across the Web. The best defense is to learn how to identify these scams and avoid taking the bait”.

More information at the PandaLabs website.

4 thoughts on “‘Nigerian’ Scam still top online Scam, says PandaLabs

  1. Shawn Kalin says:

    There are so many versions of this, you have to stay on top of it every month.

    Shawn Kalin

  2. Arthur says:

    I think Nigeria has to be disconnected from Internet.

  3. Butcher says:

    Xtagged.com SCAM (and Con Artist Andy Esquivel) Now this con artist has started and new site called wisertechnology.com and buzz/wiser.com

    Andy has scammed a lot of investors in Utah and is now in Denver.This guy has a criminal record and is being sued by several investors in Utah.

  4. BBB SCAM says:

    All of you are right, I was checking out some issues I am having with a BBB in Cleveland Ohio, some manager guy named Lou Tekavcic, I googled him and found this post!


    This dead beat tried to get me to Western Union him $1350 because I had 3 clients post some complaints they had against my cleaning services! $1350 can you believe that Bulls%$t! I’ve been conned before, but not like this…idiot…I called the police…and after seeing this blog on the bbb…I ain’t never dealing with these people again…government should shut down this scam!

    Keep America Free and Proud!

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