Free Email Services – they can be useful!

Sooooo I went to the website, a free email service provider – it’s been around for years and does not seem to be going anywhere soon – and created a SCAMDEX.ZZN.COM email service – so you can go there and get a email address to use and abuse as you wish.

Great if you want to contact someone but don’t want the relationship to continue…. not sure if you’re being scammed? create a new email address, give that out and if it all turns cruddy, just walk away. The accounts are removed after 30 days of no-use so you can forget all about it.

Beloved of scammers the world over (and especially popular in some of the more western partsof the African subcontinent), the free email address allows the freedom to communicate with no strings attached. it’s nice to be able to put it to a new use. (kind of like a disposable razor).

Anywa, go ahead, get a new email address – don’t go sending any 5 megapixel photos there though, it’s only got 3MB quota!

One word of warning – ZZN are quite happy to pass on details to law enforcement officials so no scamming please!

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