ScamBlackBook? Hmmm…

There’s one of those ‘Ebook’ thingys out there, being sold aggressively by a website called I’m all in favor of information disseminiation but something about this site has me feeling uneasy. Affiliate program image Affiliate program image

Some questions – Has anyone seen this book and can they tell me whether it’s worth the rather steep $59 price tag?

Has anyone signed up as an affiliate? this seems to be the major selling method, and they pay out an (imho) impossibly high 75% commission.

So, I say again, I don’t want to dump on someone that’s doing a good public service (albeit an expensive one), but it would be very sad if the book about scams turned out to be a scam itself, wouldn’t it?

Please, soneone, tell me it’s all right!

One thought on “ScamBlackBook? Hmmm…

  1. laurienne says:

    Yep, i have one and i don’t regret. No book is miracle but…

    I usually buy a new Clickbank tools and books. This book is a bit different. Yes it has a common CB price.
    Difference is in content. Scamblackbook doesn’t promise to make you a millionaire over the night or two:)

    You can find inside everything authors promise.

    They described really about 50 scams inside. You can study a scam glossary and some contacts to anstiscam hunters and organizations.

    I agree, authors use a little strong marketing words but i know it from CB.

    My personal opinion: if people will read this book rather than other clickbank guaranteed manuals it will save them pretty nice cash.
    Such kind of book has much higher price than all other CB products together. Of course, only if readers are willing to learn and think. The greatest problem with starting internet marketers is in this – they want to see success not fails. But they definitely end without money later.

    I trust this book has a potential to help.

    I don’t tested affiliate program yet but i will rather see money in scamblackbook author’s pocket than in any other.

    This is just my personal opinion. I want to see more of similar books while i am browsing work at home opportunities online.

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