$22M in UN Bribe Money to dispose of…… (immoral) suckers wanted


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From: Harry Jantamanta
3 Whitehall Court, London,
SW1A 2EL London
Private Mobile: 44 704 576 2068

My name is Harry Jantamanta, UN humanitarian abuse reporter here in UN Independent Station United Kingdom.  I got your contact through cross border business information centre situated here in London as an online investor.

On behalf of my partners, I seek your assistance to accommodate and invest for us the sum of USD22.6M. The money in question is sourced to us by a particular head of states as a gesture for appreciation of a good work rendered to their country, but In line with the moral principal of our services, we are not required to accept gift of any kind nor own more than 10,000 USD in our respective bank account, hence our plea to be represented by a trust worthy person to accommodate and invest the sum for us. 

Please note that this request is not a hoax.

We count on your ability to accommodate and invest the funds for us until we are able to process our resignation successfully. 

If you are interested please provide me with the following in return email:


As soon as I hear from you, further details regarding the transaction will be unveiled to you.

I look forward for your urgent response.

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