Worried about Identity Theft? Get a Million Dollar Protection

LifeLock, a provider of identity theft prevention services, has developed the nation’s first and only PROACTIVE identity theft solution designed to help PREVENT crimes before they occur. They back the service with a hefty $1 million guarantee.

The services they provide break down as:

  1. They BLOCK your credit so only you can use it – They put alerts on your credit reports with all major credit bureaus. So, if anyone tries to do anything with your credit report, get new credit, change your address, expand credit lines, open a checking account, get insurance or utilities, and more, you will be called directly for approval first.
  2. They back up their services a $1 million guarantee – If your identity is ever stolen, they will fix the problem and reimburse you up to $1,000,000 in financial losses.
  3. Stop pre-approved credit offers, thus saving a few trees and helping to curb one of the most popular ID theft systems, getting a credit card from a trashed credit card offer – They say that they also reduce the amount of other junk mail to your home.
  4. Ensure that things go smoothly when you apply for credit – they don’t give much detail on this point, but they also provide ‘free’ annual credit reports.
  5. They even monitor your children’s identities.

LifeLock retails for $10 per month or $110 annually but you can get a 10% discount..$9/month or $99/annually if you signup from the Scamdex Site.

Scamdex approves of this product, especially in the case of elderly relatives, young adults and others at risk due to confusion or inexperience, both of which are the scammer’s stock in trade. If you’re worried about Granny wiring all her assets to a Nigerian Widow then I’d definitely take a look!

2 thoughts on “Worried about Identity Theft? Get a Million Dollar Protection

  1. Eve Reid says:

    identity theft is rampant both in online and offline settings. better be careful`*’

  2. Rosie Khan says:

    Identity Theft is so rampant these days because it is quite easy to harvest information from someone else..,”

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