Fake Checks – ‘Backgrounder’


American consumers are being defrauded by overseas scam artists. The latest complaints relate to counterfeit checks including cashier’s checks, checks that look like they’re drawn on business accounts, money orders, traveler’s checks and gift cheques.

A common theme exists in all of the scams: Just because a deposited check shows up as “funds available” in your account register, it doesn’t mean the check is good or has cleared. Federal law gives consumers the right to have quick access to the funds from deposited checks (usually within 1 to 5 days). However, it can take weeks for counterfeits to be discovered. The consumer is then responsible for ALL fees associated with the fake check. Also, no one who wants to GIVE you money should ask you TO SEND THEM money. For more information, visit fakechecks.org.

Soem fun videos showing how it works can be seen here: http://www.fakechecks.org/videos.html

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