Ghouls targetted in Virgina Tech Phishing Scam

To those people who want to see what happens when a madman shoots 32 other students, there is a sting out there just for them. Email Spam promises camera phone footage of the Virginia Tech tragedy, but the website just tries to grab your bank details instead. IT security and control firm Sophos has warned individuals of a social engineering phishing campaign that attempts to capitalize on the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Spam messages teasing camera phone footage of the Virginia Tech shootings have begun flooding inboxes worldwide. These messages, however, are infected with malware and could pose major problems if clicked through.

Discovered yesterday, the link within the spam messages points viewers to a file entitled TERROR_EM_VIRGINIA.scr. If downloaded, the link installs a banking Trojan on the users computer system which can be used by cybercriminals to steal passwords, user names and account numbers.

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