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Spammers Target Moscow Children’s Hospital – Nasty Xmas Scam

Hiding E-mail address (you can get results with the E-mail address).
Admin Email………. Admin Phone. I’ve received
about 8 copies of the email. I know most people don’t take any notice, but some might

419 scam nets $200k
By NoticeBored(NoticeBored)
“The pair are trusting who they believe to be the Central Bank of Nigeria
to ‘investigate’ the fraudulent email scam and have paid a further $10000 for
the privilege.” More links on IT fraud and social engineering.

This morning’s Lottery Scam(s)
By David A
Lottery Scammers are really trying to get sophisticated in their scam emails.
Anderson Raffle Draw Winning Email: I wish
to formally inform you that you have successfully passed the Email

Advance Fee Fraud: Integrated Global Finance Services
By Spotter(Spotter)
An offer for an unsecured loan arriving unsolicited via email should trigger all
sorts of “scam” alarm bells: please work on your credulity problem if it doesn’t.
A scam like this probably involves the loan applicant either being hit up

Watch Out For Holiday Scams and Scam Artists
By erik.folgate
If you are a blog reader, than you are most likely savvy enough to know about
the email scams, but there are still younger and older people that fall into the
email traps. Again, companies like ebay and paypal are never going to ask for

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