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Silvia Smith Nokia Phone Scam Expanded – DON’T SEND WESTERN UNION!

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They use a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN to sell you their products.
4. If they ask for the money Western Union or by money order. Below is more Silvia
Smith Scam information that they list in forums, etc.

b3rrybusyb1og –

Possible Scam – Smart Author Avoids Possible Dangerous Situation

A man who claimed to be in Japan contacted the author directly, saying he wanted
to purchase 100 copies of her book. He was using a free email account and didn't
provide a company name. She pointed him to the wholesale order form on the –

Aisha Yusuf 80 Million Phishing Scam

By Administrator

Here’sa phishing scam (email I recieved today) where where scum pretending to
be a rich widow tries to play on your greed. The rich widow states that she will
give you 10% of 80 Million if you help her. They ask for your bank account

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