“Nigerian Scam” is still working – Police Reports show.

I occasionally think to myself; Surely everyone’s heard of the Nigerian Scam (aka Advance Fee Fraud or 419 Scam, after the relevant section of the Nigerian Criminal Code). But, alas, people still continue to fall for these simple scams. The deal is often identical, only the names and places have changed . These places are

Advance Fee Fraud ⋅ 21 Mar/2014

WT Duck is the “Nigerian Scam”

Here’s a funny cartoon take on the “Nigerian” Scam (aka 419 scam, Advance Fee Fraud).

Email Scams ⋅ 3 Sep/2013

New Scam Information SIte – infomercialscams.info

I would like to give a shout-out to a new site that I’ve come across – INFOMERCIALSCAMS.INFO. InfomercialScams.info is a website designed to help the public identify all types of scams and schemes on and off the internet. They also try to help people distinguish between scams and actual deals by providing them with information

Scam Reports ⋅ 12 Aug/2013

Violet and Allen Large – Lottery Windfall Scam

I’ve seen hundreds of spam emails, for a year or more, that reference the Canadian couple, Violet and

Advance Fee Fraud ⋅ 6 May/2013


A recent Scam Tip Off Report tells me of a Logistics Position for Recap Distribution. Supposedly operating in Finland, all the money seems to flow to Russia. It’s a simple enough scam – You take a job as a ‘Receivables Clerk’. Packages arrive and you send them on to another address. Money comes in to

Job Scams ⋅ 12 Feb/2013

Hey buddy, what password are you using?

SplashData.com recently published the following information regarding the most popular 2012 passwords on the web. The ranking was

Email Scams ⋅ 8 Jan/2013

Scammers turning your WordPress Website into a Spam/Malware Distributor

So I get an email from Google complaining that several links from my son’s blog (which I will not name here) are linking to malware sites. The sample links they included were valid but completely foreign to the site, and the pages themselves were mangled versions of existing blog posts, with long lists of search

Anti-Scam Protection ⋅ 4 Jan/2013

dDos attacks on Scamdex – an apology.

Running the Scamdex Website isn’t a full-time job but occasionally I fall foul of the lovable rogues who

dDos ⋅ 4 Jan/2013

Just how valuable is a Hacked PC?

The massively informative “Krebs on Security” Blog published this graphic which is a startling depiction of just how

Email Scams ⋅ 28 Nov/2012

The [domain] names change, but the “Data Conversion Job” Scam remains the same…

“Data Conversion Job Scam”? Yes – this has been running for several months now. This is how it works: A spam email, probably coming via a job seekers website [such as Careerbuilder.com or Dice.com or Monster.com or Craigslist.com] tells the victim about a great employment opportunity he can do at home – all he has

Email Scams ⋅ 24 Oct/2012


An Own-Your-Own Website Business Opportunity where consumers would make money from links to major retailers was halted by the FTC. An operation that lured consumers into spending thousands of dollars for Internet websites and advertising by misrepresenting that they could make lots of money by linking the sites to major retailers. The court ordered a

Dodgy Products ⋅ 15 May/2012

Alleged Image Copyright Theft Scam is a Money Spinner

I got a comment recently on my blog about a scam that I was unaware of but which, after a small amount of research has made me boiling mad. First, some background The Internet is awash with images – mostly pictures of my cat, I admit, but they are everywhere – the World Wide Web

Email Scams ⋅ 30 Apr/2012

How do they make blog spam so hard to detect?

Anyone that has visited a blog or forum will have seen those vaguely annoying one line posts that are generally bad grammer and say nothing except what a great blog it is, how they’ll be back soon and to keep up the good work, right? Well that is so-called ‘Comment Spam’ and it is the

humor ⋅ 23 Mar/2012

Don’t buy a vehicle from a “Curbstoner”

OK, so what, precisely, is a Curbstoner? Here’s some background: You know that place on your commute that

Scam Reports ⋅ 7 Mar/2012

Best places in the US to get Scammed Online!

A report by Symantec (the somewhat self-interested PC Security company) has produced a report that lists the top ten places in the US to be scammed online. The nation’s capital, Washington DC, is top of the cybercrime rankings, mainly due to its high saturation of smartphone usage (second in the country), but the large number

Anti-Scam Protection ⋅ 23 Feb/2012